Hedis and Star Challenge: Solved

The HealPros Advantage

Whether you are a Medicare, Medicaid, or Commercial plan, getting your members to engage in preventative screenings is a significant challenge. Poor STAR ratings and HEDIS scores can result in lost bonus incentives, reduced market share, and increased cost of care.

HealPros’ industry-leading iComply Solution makes the gap closure process convenient and easy, reducing non-compliance, driving member satisfaction, and supporting improved outcomes and care coordination.

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Our innovative approach to gap closure leverages the following key differentiators:

  • Pay for PerformancePay for PerformanceCharging only for services completed, meaning 100% of service fees go to closing gaps
  • In-home modelIn-home modelOffering an approach that aligns with the needs of your members by eliminating travel outside of the home
  • National Provider NetworkNational Provider NetworkDelivering a highly scalable solution that includes a national credentialed network of ophthalmologists
  • Retinal Exam core competencyRetinal Exam core competencyRelying on our core competency in diabetic retinal eye exams to produce the highest image quality in the industry
  • Test kit delivery and retrievalTest kit delivery and retrievalMaximizing completion rates by bringing test kits directly to the home, and then delivering completed kits to a qualified lab for analysis

How the Program Works

The iComply Solution requires almost no resource allocation from your plan to create and launch the program. HealPros assumes responsibility for:

  • 1.Customizing an implementation process designed for your specific requirements and the unique needs of your population
  • 2.Scheduling member appointments for in-home services or at a convenient off-site location
  • 3.Educating your members
  • 4.Providing retinal exams and ensuring completion of test kits by a trained HealPros technologist
  • 5.Sending DRE information to a certified ophthalmologist for review and interpretation, and ensuring test kits are delivered to a lab for analysis
  • 6.Forwarding results to members, PCPs, health plans, and specialists
  • 7.Delivering reporting and analytics to the health plan and other authorized recipients via the iComply Platform

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