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At the core, HealPros provides care to members in need. We have chosen to focus on members with diabetes and work closely with health insurance companies to identify those members who qualify for and need our services.

In 2011, HealPros began its business offering retinal imaging services: using advanced imaging equipment to capture photographs of retinas to be reviewed by our ophthalmologists who look for the presence of disease. More recently, we have expanded our services to collecting blood drops for hemoglobin A1c testing, urine samples to evaluate kidney function, and stool collection to screen for colorectal cancer.

In most cases, HealPros technologists travel to the member's home in order to complete the eye exam or to collect blood or urine samples using easy-to-use collection kits. Our support team calls our members to set the appointments so that our techs can focus on traveling and completing the services. The quality of our care along with the patience and compassion demonstrated daily by our technologists is by far the most valuable aspect of our service. We pride ourselves in building a motivated team of professionals that brings needed care directly to the member and delivers value to our insurance company clients.

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